Language Matters by Diplomatic Language Services

Language Matters by Diplomatic Language Services

Language Matters by Diplomatic Language Services

You don’t need a PhD in linguistics to explore interesting, unique features of different languages. In this podcast, “Language Matters” by Diplomatic Language Services, we make language accessible to everyday people by discussing features which may not exist in other languages. For instance, unless you have studied a Slavic language, you may not be familiar with “verbs of motion”, but we can teach you! Join us each episode as we host experts to discuss how these unique features impact learning a particular language. We will learn together, not only about verbs of motion, but tones, counter words, the oblique form – and all sorts of exciting topics! Music Credit: Zach Bellas Music; Groundscore

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In this episode of Language Matters, Molly sits down with native Tagalog speaker and former DLS Academic Advisor, Joemer. They discuss various aspects of the Tagalog language, plus the other languages of the Philippines. Sit back and enjoy this fascinating episode about the Tagalog language!

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