Just & Sustainable Economy Podcast

Just & Sustainable Economy Podcast

American Sustainable Business Network

A podcast created to inform, connect, and mobilize business leaders and investors to transform the public and private sectors toward a just and sustainable economy. Hosted by the American Sustainable Business Network (ASBN).

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On Friday, May 13 the Department of Labor (DOL) hosted a special hybrid event, Making the Business Case for Good Jobs, with ASBN’s Vice President, Carolyn Pincus and Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh leading the discussion. Along with Carolyn Pincus and Secretary Walsh, the discussion also included three ASBN business member owners to discuss DOL’s Good Jobs Initiative. Our business owners have deep expertise and the practical experience advocated for in the Good Jobs Initiative such as how private sector employers can recruit, retain, and strengthen their workforce and business performance through improved job quality, pay, and benefits.

Panelists included Elizabeth Richman of EILEEN FISHER, Flequer Vera of Sustainergy Cooperative, Darren Jones of UPS, and Sandi Weaver of BA Auto Care.

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