The Infinite Monkey Cage

The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC Radio 4

Brian Cox and Robin Ince host a witty, irreverent look at the world through scientists' eyes.

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We know the universe is rapidly expanding but what happens if other galaxies disappear from view? That’s what Eric Idle wants to know as he ponders the future and what it holds in store. Solar scientist Lucie Green says this is not worth dwelling on because we’ll all be wiped out by an asteroid at some point anyway, which leads to a discussion about whether anywhere is still safe. Away from physics, Brian Cox and Robin Ince learn that one of the major contributors to global warming is the urinal cooling industry, which raises important questions about human stupidity. Should we let another species have a go? Chris Addison reckons dolphins might do a better job than we have but admits there are some major logistical issues.

New episodes will be released on Wednesdays. If you’re in the UK, listen to the full series on BBC Sounds:

Producer: Marijke Peters Executive Producer: Alexandra Feachem

Episodes featured: Series 22: The end of the universe Series 3: Apocalypse Series 13: Climate Change Series 19: The future of humanity Series 15: The human story: How we got here and how we survived

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