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Motley Fool Money is a daily podcast for stock investors. Weekday episodes offer a long-term perspective on business news with The Motley Fool's investment analysts. Weekend shows are a mix of investing classes and longer-form interviews. The show is hosted by Dylan Lewis, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long.

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Mike Maples is a co-founding partner at the venture capital firm, Floodgate. He’s also the author of the new book, “Pattern Breakers: Why Some Start-Ups Change the Future.” Alex Friedman caught up with Maples for a conversation about: How to spot true visionaries. Missing out on an early investment opportunity in Airbnb. Whether the AI future will be defined by incumbents or upstarts. Companies mentioned: AMZN, LYFT, OKTA, CHGG, AAPL, MSFT Host: Alex Friedman Guest: Mike Maples, Jr. Producer: Mary Long Engineers: Dez Jones, Tim Sparks Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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