Retaining WIT

Retaining WIT

Jossie Haines & Jordanna Kwok

Research shows that 56% of women leave the tech industry during the second decade of their career. Join us as we share our stories, create an environment where women can be successful, and teach each other the skills we need to stay and thrive in the tech industry. Join the hosts Jossie Haines (Platform Engineering Director at Tile), and Jordanna Kwok (Engineering Manager at Netflix) as they share their experiences in the tech industry, and interview others to share unique stories and skills around the challenges of keeping women in tech.

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Jossie and Jordanna speak with Darlene Rouleaux, UI/UX software engineer at Schneider Electric, as well as a mom of two young kids. Darlene shares the challenges of being a mom in tech, as well as her transition from individual contributor to manager and back.

Other topics include:

  • How different the real world is from college
  • Transitioning back from parental leave
  • Promoting diversity at work
  • Being brave

Check out the episode webpage for the full show transcript.

Here are some additional resources Darlene mentions in the episode:

Special Guest: Darlene Rouleaux.

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