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The OSINT Curious Project


The OSINT Curious Project is a source of quality, actionable, Open Source Intelligence news, original blogs, instructional videos, and a bi-weekly webcast/podcast. Most of all, we want to inspire people to look outside of their OSINT-comfort zones and pursue their OSINT passions. We try to keep people curious about exploring web applications for bits of information or trying out new techniques to access important OSINT data. We are an OSINT-learning catalyst. Support this podcast:

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All good things come to an end, and OSINT Curious is no exception. In our final live stream, we are coming together to discuss why the project is finalized, and what is going to happen to the blog posts, videos, our discord channel, and all other material that we published along the years.  

We also give a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and patreons for supporting us in running this project, but also our listeners/viewers and everyone else that has been following us on this journey, developed their OSINT skills with us, and shared comments, questions and resources.   

Last, we share some of our favorite moments within OSINT Curious and discuss what's next for each of us.  Thank you all for being here. Don't forget to...STAY OSINT CURIOUS!!!

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