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Paul Azizeh brings you TLSessions (Techno-Logik Sessions) every month spanning all genres of electronic music featuring guest DJs and Producers within the US and around the world.

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TLS 72 - WHEELZ - DJCHECK6 - DJ REMIX This Is Paul Azizeh and Wes Nesman and welcome to another exciting episode of TL Sessions.  This month marks the 72TH episode.   For this month will be respected 2 DJ's, DJCHECK6 and WHEELZ. WHEELZ BioWheelz has been a driving force in the Seattle rave scene since he got his start with Abducted productions back in the late 90's..His first gig was playing to a packed out side room at Seattle's biggest rave venue at the time, Naf Studios..Since then he has never looked back..Packing rooms with his signature sound of hard dance..  Always having a love for the harder side of dance music, he started out in the vinyl days playin Uk hardhouse and NRG..The fans soon started to call him Seattle's NRG Badboy..Always lookin for the harder and faster, Wheelz then discovered HARDSTYLE.. Playing all up and down the west coast, Wheelz has left a trail of fans and dancefloors yearning for more..Check out his two new releases on Loverloud records, Toy Soldierz vs Wheelz - Valhalla and Future.  You can catch Wheelz rockin the internet every Sunday at 8:30pm pacific time WHEELZ Tracklist Cally - ZenithDj Isaac - Go InsaneFrancesco Zeta - KayaDa Tweekaz - FreedomZazu - LifeA-lusion - Make up your MindFrancesco Zeta - PanicBrennan Heart and Toneshifterz - Time is NowD-Block and S-te-fan - Love on FireSephyx - HigherDr. Rude - Rock Right NowToneshifterz - Lighting up the SkyHeatwavez - Heartbeat vs. Piece of Your Heart mashupSound Rush - Sticks and StonesDr Phunk - Sweet but Psycho remixDj Isaac - Party PeopleCoone , Da Tweekaz and Hard Driver - Toss A Coin To Your WitcherToy Soldierz and Wheelz - ValhallaAdrenalize - Get UpDemi Kannon - Supersonic Atmosfearz - She goesCode Black - You've got the loveWasted Penguinz - Its our moment Code Black & Atmosfeatz - Accelerate Cyber - Be hereWasted Penguinz - This is the oneB-Front & Adrenalize - Elektronic Symphony WHEELZ links DJCHECK6 Bio Check6 started entertaining as a DJ at 17 years old. Clubbing at the early age of 14 in Uruguay, Tito was already into dance events early on. Once while at a Black Angus in Everett he was asked to cover the DJ and was quickly trained on what to do and say while the DJ went on break.  After six months showing up as a relief DJ he was chosen to go to a special school in California with 29 other DJs for 2 weeks. Tito performed so well he was assigned his own location, The Lynwood Black Angus. He was dominating Wednesdays, Thursdays and packing the dance floor every Weekend.  Pioneering mixing instead of using videos, Tito spent 18 years as a Dj and Dj trainer before even touching the decks as Check6. One day Tito ran into Dj Wheelz at platinum records and swapped numbers, they had previously been friends interested in skating and bmx years before. One time Tito had a gathering of friends over DJing back to back and Wheelz came by, Tito cleared the decks for him and they didn't stop spinning for a week and a half.  Check6 says Wheelz taught him all about hard dance music and how to properly push 150bpm and keep it there. After 5 or 6 years of playing raves with different genres DjCheck6 embraced Hard Energy, later finding a home in Hard Style.  At one point Check6 ran into Drew from C89.5 and he asked Tito to help get DJs on the radio. DjCheck6 was the first to play Hardstyle on the air, pushing Vortex bookings for Wheelz and many other local djs.  In his own words: “I’ve been a DJ for a lifetime, it has granted me many friendships, and many hardships but it has always given me back what I put into it. A lot of love and a lot of passion. Let's see where it goes from here!” DJCHECK6 TracklistMinoz -find what u love Dj issac-fascinating rhythm Fraw-techno musicTNT and ruffneck -mind controllerAnderex-go insaneNoiscontrillers -the time has come Lady Tom-it’s a dream Dj issac-party people Toy soldierz - lighthouseArizen, Marcel Galos-the fireAlyon & Max Mylian -disciples  of HardStyle Ecstatic-let us all uniteDevotion -EarthArtic-in the nightEphesto-amygdalaThieves of dreams -one nightD-verze & Criminal Mayhem-Time DJCHECK6 links DJ R3MIX BioMusician, Producer, DJ, and electronic music connoisseur Remix hails out of Seattle, Washington. Having spent many years in the pursuit of her craft she's earned slots in many of Seattle's heart pounding edm shows. Specializing in Melodic Hardstyle. DJ REMIX TracklistAdrenalize - Get UpDemi Kannon - Supersonic Atmosfearz - She goesCode Black - You've got the loveWasted Penguinz - Its our moment Code Black & Atmosfeatz - Accelerate Cyber - Be hereWasted Penguinz - This is the oneB-Front & Adrenalize - Elektronic Symphony DJ REMIX Links Techno-Logik Productions TL Sessions Podcast iTunes TL Sessions Podcast Google Play Music

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