The Passive Project

The Passive Project

Gemma Bonham-Carter

Online courses, memberships and digital products make up the billion-dollar "infopreneur" marketplace. As a service-based entrepreneur, coach, consultant, creative, or blogger, if you don't have a digital offer yet... NOW is the time! Want in on all the secret tips and strategies to having a successful digital product based business?Hosted by Gemma Bonham-Carter, The Passive Project Podcast is a no-fluff, action-packed show that pulls back the curtain to truly show you what it takes to create, launch, and grow a successful digital product business. If you want to grow your audience, get better at email marketing, sell an online course, learn new launch strategies, and build that freedom business (without the 24/7 hustle) then this is a MUST listen!Gemma features some of today's most successful digital product creators so you can get a truly holistic view of different business, their strategies, and how you can use those tactics in your own business!Learn how Gemma went took her business from zero to multiple six-figures in revenue while having young kids at home, without a giant social media following, and by leading with value for her students and clients.

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In today's episode, we're chatting with Taylor Rae about how you can get started with manifestation and see the amazing things that happen as a result!

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