Tales of Horror Podcast

Tales of Horror Podcast

Old Time Radio DVD

Tales of Horror takes you back to the early days of radio when alone with your imagination the story tellers on the radio would take you into the world of ghosts,macabre,demons,and tales of the supernatural. Turn down the lights and enter the world of Tales of Horror.

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Story of Deadlock 1 ,The world is plunged into chaos, and it's a fight for survival that most people will lose. As a city collapses, one man fights to get home to his wife and children, but the cost might be too great.A mother protects her children from the zombies invading their neighborhood, and enlists the help of a young man who's desperately searching for his mother.Before the end, a new family will emerge, stronger and willing to die for one another. As the secrets of the apocalypse are exposed, this family will find themselves thrust into a fight for all humanity.The apocalypse is ruthless, violent, and here whether they're ready for it or not.

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