Mindful Motherhood

Mindful Motherhood

Maggie Metz

The Mindful Motherhood podcast is all about creating space to stop, breathe, and be mindful. Each episode I will teach a basic mindfulness technique that you can easily build into your daily schedule. We’ll also chat about topics such as anxiety, self-care, marriage, parenting, and more. Join me on this journey of self-exploration as we mindfully explore ways to better understand and manage the daily struggles of motherhood. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mindfulmotherhood/support

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In today’s episode I will lead you through a “Peace-Giver Meditation,” and have a conversation with my sweet friend, Angela Olsen, about being a special needs momma.


**To learn more about Angela you can find her on instagram @ang_m_olsen, and/or check out her blog @ http://themangomemoirs.com/

--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mindfulmotherhood/support

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